Director Talks at BCA

//Director Talks at BCA

Director Talks at BCA

Our Director, Rob Jones, was invited to the Berkshire College of Agricultures to give a talk to their Travel and Tourism Students on 9th October.

The Chinese Outbound Travel market is an exciting prospect for everyone involved in the tourism industry in the UK, and all around the globe. 2018 will be the year of EU-China tourism, and with 2016 showing record numbers and spending rates of Chinese visitors in the UK, there is lots to look forward to, especially when considering that the UK isn’t a main destination for Chinese travelers yet (behind Thailand, Macao, Australia, France, America, Germany, Canada and Central and Eastern Europe). As of October 2016, less than 9% of the Chinese population held passports, so there is room for growth going forward.

Rob spoke about the market developments of Chinese outbound tourism and what it is about the UK that the Chinese visit for. He will also be going in to detail about the tastes of affluent Chinese travelers, how to access them and what obstacles there are in the market to overcome.

See Britain’s clientele tend to come from China’s Tier 1 cities; Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, so looking long-term, when the tier 2,3 and 4 cities develop, as will their spending habits, and it’s likely they will be looking for similar experiences to what the tier 1 visitors are looking for now. These Tier 1 visitors are looking for very special experiences, accommodation with character and charm, private Mandarin-speaking guides, and private luxury transport, which is what See Britain offers. The presentation Rob gave was focused on whether or not we are seeing the “tip of the iceberg” with affluent Chinese travelers in the UK, and used See Britain as an example of a company who have moulded their products and services to fit the requirements of the affluent Chinese traveller.

This is the first time Rob has done something like this, but he loves a challenge and having recently turned 25, feels that he should be able to give a presentation that’s both engaging and informative. Rob already has an already tenuous connection with BCA, as he used to work for the company that supply and maintain their photocopiers!

If you’d like to work with See Britain and provide your product or service to the growing Chinese travel market, please get in touch with us!

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