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Interactive BBC Tour

Step inside the exciting world of broadcasting on an award-winning tour. Each year the informative, entertaining guides welcome thousands of visitors across the UK, pulling back the curtain to show what happens behind the scenes of the BBC.

Just tell us where you are going and we can book a tour at the nearest studios!

Your tour will be private, and will include a translator. If you do not need a translator please tell us.

For children aged 6-11, the Manchester BBC will allow the children to have a go at being a CBBC (Children’s British Broadcasting Cooperation) presenter and find out how it feels to present the news and weather.

As well as all the interactivity, you’ll discover what goes on behind the scenes! There are lots of opportunities for photos so don’t forget your camera!

This interactive fun lasts about an hour and a half to two hours, and all children under 18 must have an adult with them on the tour.

Just tell us where you are going and we can book a tour at the nearest studios!

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Prices vary for different studios and group sizes, so please let us know where you’d like to go and we will come back to you with prices.

If you have any special requests, just let us know and we can build them into your experience.

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