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See-Britain - Make Your Own Gin Experience

Make Your Own Gin Experience

Gin is a spirit which derives its predominant flavour from Juniper berries. Its origins are from the Middle Ages, and evolved from medicinal purposes to one of Britain’s most popular drinks.

London is the home of Gin, much the same as Scotland is the home of Whiskey. 100 years ago, almost every other building in London was a Gin Distillery. Now there’s only one left in Central London, and we’ve arranged a special trip there for you!

On this experience, you’ll learn about the distilling process from award-winning professionals. They’ll allow you to design your own recipes with different botanicals, and distil your very own personalised bottle of Gin. The experience lasts approximately 2 hours and includes a complimentary Gin and Tonic – a drink that’s very popular with people of all ages in Britain.

After a warm welcome and meeting your tutor, you’ll start by exploring a whole range of botanicals and, with as much guidance as you need, you’ll design the recipe and prepare the ingredients for your own gin.

It’s then into the Gin Lab to fire up your mini-still. You’ll nurture your gin throughout the distillation process, taking tastings and deciding when to make the cut.

Choosing from the wide selection of label templates, or by designing your own, you’ll create a label for your bottle of Gin. The final step is to apply the re wax seal to it.


Group Size Price
4 people £980
6 people £1,280
8 people £1,580

Price Includes:

  • Introduction to Gin Distilling and different botanicals
  • Gin Lab Experience
  • 1 Gin & Tonic
  • £5 off a bottle of Award-winning Gin
  • Full translation services throughout

If you have any special requests, just let us know and we can build them into your experience.

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